Sunday, August 22, 2010

of mandi wajib and preaching

Salaam to the team,
On behalf of my friends, I would like to ask the following questions:
1) During Ramadhan, if I had just finished my period, do I have to perform my 'mandi wajib' before Subuh so that I can fast on the following day? Because, as far as I am concern, the 'niat' has to be made the night before.
2) What do we answer if the non-muslims ask us why we do not tell them about Islam? Are we at fault for not doing so?

Dear alia, thanks for your questions.

1) Yes, the niat has to be made the night before. But no, it is not compulsory to take the bath before Subuh. It is ok to take the bath after Subuh; your fast is still valid. But make sure you do not procrastinate the bath until after zohor or asar and so forth.

2)Regarding question num 2, you can answer them by saying this : "I am telling you about Islam without you knowing it. It is unconscious but it happens. How?It is actually through my actions which I portray to you. Telling does not mean only through conversations or dialogues. Telling can be by the gestures that people portrays and through their facial expressions.Those are also forms of communication between sender and receiver" ..."and, oh, in addition to that, if you would like to know into more specific, you could just ask me." =)

Reminder: That's why we as muslim need to portray good akhlak because action speaks louder than words.

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